Stress Is NOT A Four Letter Word

One day, during my years as a school principal, a first-grader rushed up to me in the lunchroom and boldly tattled, “Mrs. Turner, Sam said the ‘S’ word!”

“He did?” I replied. “Hmm. Would you please write the word on this paper.”

In his sweet first grade penmanship and inventive spelling he jotted, “stooped.”

Thankfully “stupid” wasn’t the “S” word I was expecting!

But, there’s another “S” word that’s thrown about more than ever these days. And that word is STRESS.

When was the last time you told someone how stressed you were?

Or the last time someone vented about their constant state of angst to you?

If you think of stress as something to be avoided at all costs, you’ll be interested in the results of a 2012 study at the University of Wisconsin that describes how we think about stress can change how it impacts us.

If we think stress is harmful to our health, that outcome will be more likely.

However, if we think stress is not harmful to our health—and maybe even helpful in energizing us to face challenges—then stress won’t be harmful to our health.

Our thinking and our actions have a lot to do with our relationship to stress. This is so inspiring. It means we’re not the victims of stress we often think we are. Learning how to get better at stress has been one of my greatest challenges.

That’s why I took stress on as the focus of my second book: Less Stress Life: How I Went from Crazed to Calm and You Can Too.

I bet you can think of some stressed-out folks in your life who could use a book that helps them get to a more peaceful place—and actually shows them how.

For more less stress tools and stories check out my award-winning books:

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If You Choose to Get Better at Stress I Guarantee You Can

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