Soul Focus Wellness Center Honors Nurses & Teachers With FREE COVID-19 Testing

To support the community in times of crisis, Soul Focus Wellness Center is providing FREE Drive-Through COVID-19 testing to nurses and teachers. These free tests honor the selfless service and sacrifices these individuals make on a daily basis. Soul Focus will host Teacher Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 21 as a way to honor the bonds of trust between teachers and students and the importance of those bonds to past, present and future generations.

Soul Focus will also host a Nurse Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 28. Now more than ever during the global pandemic, nurses provide lifesaving and life-affirming services and are critical to the health of those they serve. 

Soul Focus is offering at-home tests for delivery and curbside pick-up. Ordering of test kits is done in advance through web-based ordering. Test results take less than 10 minutes and are instant point-of-care using a finger prick and blood analysis. The tests are designed for those who are asymptomatic and will reveal if an individual currently has the virus, has had the virus in the past and is recovering, and most importantly, if antibodies are present in the body. “This is a quick and easy way to find out what you really need to know to have peace of mind…if you currently have the virus, had the virus and are recovering, or if you have the antibodies. Soul Focus is thrilled to be able to support the community and at the same time, to honor nurses and teachers who provide invaluable services,” noted Dr. Raj Gupta, founder of Soul Focus Wellness Center. 

To purchase a kit for the low price of $50, visit

About Soul Focus Wellness Center & Dr. Raj Gupta

     Soul Focus was founded and created by visionary health and fitness expert, Dr. Raj Gupta, a national speaker, author and recognized leader on a wide variety of topics pertaining to natural health. His mission at Soul Focus is to educate, guide, and inspire, and most importantly, to assist as many people as possible to avoid unnecessary medications and surgeries. To Dr. Gupta, health measures should be preventative, not reactive or crises based. Soul Focus provides a pleasant pathway on the journey to optimal health and vitality as patients are provided with goal-oriented treatment designed to relieve pain and to restore function in a state-of-the-art yet relaxing and aesthetic environment with attentive staff and wonderful amenities.

Soul Focus is located at 7 Meridian Road, Eatontown, New Jersey, 07724. The telephone number is (732) 935-1000. The website for Soul Focus is For more information on Dr. Raj Gupta, visit

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