Six Tips For Successful Fall Baking

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The weather is changing and there’s a nip in the air.  As fall is upon us and the holiday season is just around the corner many people start thinking about baking.  With that in mind, I thought I would offer some tips to help make your fall baking and holiday gift giving go a little smoother and perhaps you’ll even have some fun!


Planning is the key to a successful baking experience.  Make a list of all the different recipes that you would like to make over the fall and holiday seasons and create a shopping list based on those recipes so that when you’re ready to bake you have what you will need.  Also, there may be certain aspects of your recipes that can be prepared in advance like doughs or pie crusts. Being prepared is the key to stress free baking.

Ask for Help

Baking should be fun and rewarding.  Enlist the help of family and friends by making baking an event.  Perhaps you’ll join us at Chocolate Carousel for one of our baking classes. Get everyone involved and baking and cleanup with be a breeze!

Warm it Up Use your kitchen timer

Many people don’t realize that using cold ingredients is a baking no no.  This is a great tip.  Unless your recipe specifically calls for a cold ingredient, always take the time to let your ingredients like eggs, butter etc. come to room temperature before using them.  They will be easier to work with and you will get better results.

Use your kitchen timer

We all lead a busy life and we can be easily distracted while baking.   Most people will begin doing something else while the cookies bake and completely forget they are in the oven, so a kitchen timer is a must.  We use kitchen timers all day long in our busy commercial kitchen to ensure that our hard work results in a perfectly baked product. Be sure to set your timer for the halfway mark and be sure to rotate trays at that point to ensure even baking.

Put a Bow on it!

With so many gifts to give this season, baked goodies are a perfect choice for neighbors, co-workers and friends.  There are so many adorable rustic containers in crafts stores these days which make the perfect vessel to hold your baked goods and turn them into an instant cozy rustic gift.

Visit your Favorite Bake Shop

You can’t do it all.  Specialty bake shops like Chocolate Carousel  use fresh ingredients and bake in small batches.  Perfect for your holiday baking needs!  Whether you order all your sweet treats or supplement your own baking with some of ours, we are a great resource for our customers.  Stop in to check out some of our homemade specialties and enjoy this baking season!

Chocolate Carousel is widely known for its beautiful and delicious cake creations, creative design concepts and exceptional quality and service.  Chocolate Carousel has received a number of local and national awards for its work and philanthropy.

Lisa Porada is the owner and executive pastry chef at Chocolate Carousel in Wall, NJ.  Tune in on Wednesdays at noon on to watch and interact with Lisa as she demonstrates fun and creative recipes and techniques Live on Facebook.


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