Floatation Therapy

Silence Truly Heals, Especially Now

Content provided by our partner, True Rest Float Spas ~

We are living in such a strange world, it’s a wonder our brains can tolerate it all. Our brains do have limits and the physical effects can cause elevated levels of stress hormones. 

Silence is comforting. It opens us up to inspiration and nurtures the mind, body and soul. Science is now showing that silence may be just what we need to regenerate our exhausted brains and bodies.

At True Rest, while you are floating in the tank, your senses are released from all distractions, your body is weightless enabling you to reach deep levels of relaxation/meditation that would normally take years of practice to achieve.  The tank creates an environment where you can achieve pure sensory relaxation and recovery.

We are so happy to be open again and ready to help you relax! It’s time to use those Gift Cards and schedule your appointment today!

We have two locations to better serve you:

Town Hall Shoppes of Brick at 990 Cedar Bridge Avenue, Suite 13B, Brick

3209 Sunset Avenue, Ocean Township


(732) 898-7100

We hope to host you soon!    https://www.truerest.com/locations/brick/