Sharing Pearls Of Wisdom On Health And Wellness

By Lori Anne Oliwa ~

On January 31 at Renaissance The Studio in Red Bank, New Jersey, many of the region’s best life balance and business coaches, chefs, nutritional and fitness experts, and mental health therapists gathered to share their recipes for healthy living and to provide inspiration that included advice for strength and fortitude in mind, body and spirit. The event, 2019 Year Of The Fit, is the first in a four-part healthy living series sponsored by lifestyle brand and media company, Jersey Shore Scene.

                                                                                                                            Tracey Hall, Publisher- Jersey Shore Scene   

“We invest in gym memberships, fitness & nutritional guides, and likely a host of other things, as we should, but what about our emotional wellness and mental health, noted Melissa Kramer, LCSW, owner of MindfulNest Therapy LLC, Red Bank.  “Sometimes we just totally forget about the power of the mind. There is no shame in seeking help to navigate what life dishes out to us,” Kramer, a mental health advocate who wants to change the dialogue on mental health, emphasized.

                                                                                                                        Melissa Kramer, Mindfulnest Therapy

Business coach Elizabeth Barry, Jersey City, spoke about her recently-published book, The Kind Communicator. She invigorated the crowd in her signature red heels and high-octane style. Barry spoke about finding success through passion, developing unique talents, but most importantly, accomplishing goals through kindness and collaboration, themes central to her book.

                                                                                                                        Elizabeth Barry

Wendy Bright-Fallon & Debbie Peterson of The Nourish Coaches, Red Bank, explained the five pillars of their nutritional practice, which is much more than just menus and considers the whole person through the connection of body, mind and spirit. “Nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, movement & connection to community are all important factors in lifestyle,” noted Peterson and Bright-Fallon.

                                                                                    Nourish Coaches Debbie Peterson and Wendy Bright Fallon with Tracey Hall and Danielle Buccellato

Danielle Buccellato, the owner of Renaissance The Studio and host of the event, discussed the importance of breathing and good posture and led the audience in breathing and stretching exercises designed to encourage guests to be mindful about alignment of the hips, spine and other muscles and how Pilates can help.

                                                                                                                  Danielle Buccellato

Guests enjoyed a delicious juice sampling by Jessica Dalmedo of Freshica’s Juice Bar, Red Bank.

                                                                                                                         Lori Anne Oliwa, Jersey Shore Scene and Jessica Dalmedo of Freshicas

Marie Maglio of The Proper Palate provided delicious healthy fare including bean salad on endive and cranberry-almond chicken salad.

                                                                                                                         Chef Marie Maglio, The Proper Palate

Chocolate was courtesy of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown.

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