Seal And Winter Waterfowl Walks

Our pinniped friends are back in town. If you’d like to learn more about them and our winter waterfowl friends, join the Littoral Society for walks on Sandy Hook, NJ.

The walks will be led by expert naturalists from the Littoral Society and give participants a look at the different species that can be found in this area during the colder months, including harbor seals, gannets, mergansers, cormorants and maybe a Snowy Owl, if we’re lucky. In addition to showing you where to spot them, our guides will also provide information on the behavior and identifying features of coastal wildlife.

Dress for the weather, with an eye toward the wind that is almost always blowing on Sandy Hook (e.g. hats, gloves, layers, etc.)!! Walks will begin ​at Littoral Society headquarters, on Officer’s Row in the Fort Hancock Section of Gateway National Recreation Area (GPS: 18 Hartshorne Drive, Highlands NJ 07732) and include caravanning to locations winter wildlife can most commonly be found.

The walks will be led by Littoral Society Education Coordinator Audrey Litto. Contact: for more information.

Upcoming Seal and Winter Waterfowl Walks:

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