Savoring Seventy-Five

By Carol Wilson ~

I am Carol Wilson, from the Jersey Shore.  I recently had a birthday – my seventy-fifth.  I am having so much fun with it.  My seventy-fifth feels totally wild and completely wonderful.  

Since I began my ‘healthy-living lifestyle’ with Isagenix seven years ago, I started naming each birthday as a new “Chapter” in my Life’s Journey Book.  This chapter is “Savoring Seventy-Five.”  

To “savor” means to enjoy something completely.  Not just one thing about something, but everything.  Tasting and completely enjoying each and every morsel of each and every second, of each and every minute, of each and every hour, and of each and every day with all of my five senses and then some. 

My last six chapters since beginning my ‘healthy-living lifestyle’ were:

2014 – Life Begins at Sixty-Nine

2015 – Strong & Seventh

2016 – Seventy-One & Sassy

2017 – Seventy-Two & Unstoppable

2018 – Seventy-Three A Brand New Me

2019 – Seventy-Four See Me Soar

Each of these six chapters has individually and collectively served as a building block for my next chapter – a point of focus, a new beginning incorporating what went before, to create a greater and broader awareness of what is, and what I am becoming.

Since beginning my ‘healthy-living lifestyle’, I am no longer the abandoned and needy little girl who lost her mother at age 10 and lost her father at age 12, never wanting to be left alone again ever and always looking for love.  Wanting to please everyone and wanting everyone to love me, no matter what the cost to my sense of self and sense of being.

My chapter “beginning at sixty-nine” changed all of that.  I am no longer that lonely, needy and insecure little girl whose comfort zone was small and confined, fearful of being abandoned once again.

The last six “chapters” have given me the foundation to emerge from my confinement and spread my wings and fly and to savor what life has to offer every second, every minute, every hour of every day – inside and out to make my life even greater than it already is.

To immerse myself in ALL THERE IS – to taste, touch, see, smell and BECOME ONE with what I am a part of and to share this savoring with others to help and to enable them to name and write their own chapters.

I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to assist and support people in adopting a ‘healthy-living lifestyle’ to improve the quality of their health, their aging, their lives and the lives of those around them.    

We are All so very blessed.  Don’t wait for a birthday.  Begin naming and writing your “chapter” right now.  SAVOR each and every second, each and every minute, each and every hour, each and every day.  Give yourself permission to BE the real you that you already are.  Blossom.  Bloom.  Become.  Be grateful.

You are a part of ALL THAT IS.  

SAVOR the miracle of who you are. Every second.  Every minute.  Every hour.  Every day.

Share your gifts.

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