San Gennaro Festival

By Doug Hall ~

Last weekend, I went to the San Gennaro festival in Belmar. It had all kinds of hot spots for people who are hungry and who are not.

The festival only closed two blocks of Main street (from 10th to 12th Ave.) but you still couldn’t see the other end of it from one side. There were countless vendors selling a variety of things from hemp necklaces to tie-dyed shirts to cartoon portraits.

Above all, the food was just incredible. On the first day, I got a cheesesteak from Tony’s, which is normally based out of Asbury Park. I included additional pictures of neighboring vendors below.



On the second day, I got a dish from the Flames Brazilian steakhouse, located within the beer tent on 10th Ave. They give you samples of steak, chicken, sausage, rice and beans all in one plate; and they cook the meat using a rotisserie oven situated at one corner of the tent. (I took the pic below from outside, knowing my hands would be full upon entering).

To top it off, there was a guy singing songs from the 1930s wearing timeframe-appropriate attire. There was literally a little bit of everything at this festival, and I’m counting down the days to the one they have next year.

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