Renaissance The Studio Announces Additional Location in BellWorks!

Renaissance The Studio Red Bank Debuts An Additional Location at the Prestigious BellWorks in Holmdel, N.J. Opening Is November 2019

Introducing Renaissance Pilates + Wellness @ BellWorks – A State-of-the-Art Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle Brand

Renaissance The Studio, a bustling Pilates studio currently located in Red Bank N.J., has just announced plans for an additional health & wellness location which will open just in time for the holidays within the thriving metroburb of BellWorks in Holmdel, N.J.

A Renaissance is a Rebirth! This Grand Opening Sets the Stage for Movement + Wellness at BellWorks in a Big Way

From Hoboken to Red Bank to Holmdel…. the growth continues! The Renaissance concept was born in 2004 in Hoboken, New Jersey, under the original business name of Renaissance Pilates. At a time when many people assumed Pilates was only for elite athletes or professional dancers, Renaissance Pilates, the first fully equipped Pilates Apparatus and Mat studio in Hoboken, provided a fitness environment that was welcoming to everybody, or ‘every BODY,’ as founder Danielle Buccellato likes to say.

The fitness innovator, visionary and Holmdel native with a reputation for building creative instructor teams and leading unique classes, grew the studio into a boutique-style space. Clients responded to her high energy and emphasis on movement, form, and flexibility, and a decade later, in 2014, Buccellato opened its second location Renaissance The Studio, the now thriving Pilates, fitness, and wellness sanctuary on East Front Street, Red Bank.

Danielle Buccellato’s calling card is her boutique-style studio design where clients feel like they’re walking into a gallery, while they feel at home in a space that welcomes, motivates and inspires in many ways. In 2014, Buccellato opened her second location Renaissance The Studio Red Bank on East Front Street.

Five Years Of ‘Core’ Success

In a matter of five years, Renaissance The Studio Red Bank has grown into a Pilates powerhouse and has perfected the art of body movement for thousands of clients. Danielle has not only sustained her brick and mortar business but has thrived beyond it as an online media mentor for several global modalities including ioBall, bodyART, STABY and Davinci Body Board.

While Pilates apparatus and floor classes are immensely popular – Danielle has become a New Jersey fitness innovator invested in scientifically proven methods that help to enhance balance, stability and coordination. Special beginner workshops are offered to those with little Pilates or fitness experience as well as an exceptional team of professional, certified Pilates instructors that lead the innovative classes. It doesn’t stop there- Renaissance the Studio also offers massage therapy, infrared sauna, functional nutrition services and energy healing.

The Addition of Wellness

While the core philosophy of Renaissance The Studio revolves around the movement of the body, Buccellato is expanding her brand into the growing billion-dollar wellness industry adding nutritional services and health coaching through holistic collaborators, Michael Buron of HealthChek, and Marie Maglio of Proper Palate. Buron combines Eastern philosophies & healing practices with functional medicine and individualized nutrition. Marie Maglio of Proper Palate, a personal chef, caterer and health coach, designs and executes organic & gluten-free meal plans which are packaged for direct delivery or pick up at the studio. Both will be added services to the Bell Works location. The emphasis on wellness services and the collaboration with exceptional practitioners represent the connection between mind and body, physical performance, optimal health and emotional wellbeing.

“Taking care of the body involves more than just movement. I like to think of the Renaissance home as the place where strength meets flexibility through movement, however; nourishing the mind and the body matters most when the union of smart lifestyle choices are a part of the everyday routine”, said Buccellato.  All this led to the new business partnership and venture at Bell Works with sister, Joelle Buccellato, who encompasses these beliefs. 

This video link captures the essence of Renaissance and illustrates the core principles of strength, flexibility, and movement:

Sister Act

With the addition of Danielle’s new Renaissance Wellness location at BellWorks, a sister act has been born. Joelle Buccellato, Danielle’s sister, both natives of Holmdel in Monmouth County, will create a Revolutionary experience for employees at Bellworks and Monmouth County community members. Expect the latest in Cryotherapy, Infrared, Oxygen Therapy, Functional Medicine, and Recovery Practice in addition to conscious-based skincare and versatile fitness apparel for the fashion-forward looking to feel as good as they look while they’re working out.

The sister team brings a combined 30 years of professional experience to the partnership. Joelle has been practicing for over a decade as a result-driven Medical Aesthetician with New York City’s most prestigious cosmetic medical doctors and spas where she mastered traditional aesthetics and the use of non-invasive technology to harness optimal skin and body rejuvenation. However, her talents reside much deeper than aesthetics alone. Joelle has been exploring and testing wellness tools way before her time. Her passion and curiosity for optimal living have been cultivated through years of meditation, movement and organic, healthful practice. These together have had a deep impact on her growth both physically and spiritually and she wants to inspire others to do the same. Joelle strongly feels we are built like high-performance vehicles and with the right formula one can achieve optimal wellbeing.

“Today’s world offers us every opportunity for optimal living and self-discovery and all it takes is the will and dedication to attain it,” Joelle added as she will now bring her exceptional skills of team building and knowledge in the field to the new Renaissance Pilates + Wellness at BellWorks.

Renaissance Pilates + Wellness – Creating A Fitness & Wellness Oasis at BellWorks

Danielle Buccellato and Joelle Buccellato are being hailed as the ‘Dynamic Sister Duo’ with a mission to create a lifestyle brand that influences positive changes, optimal health, and longevity for their local community. They will offer a platform of services that help to restore the body and mind’s potential from the inside-out. Their journey together begins as partners at BellWorks, a location designed for the modern person living in a modern world. Renaissance Pilates + Wellness is slated to open in mid-Fall as a state-of-the-art, fully equipped Pilates functional training mecca and optimal wellness headquarters located in the heart of the metroburb at BellWorks in Holmdel. Featuring a wellness atmosphere catering to both men and women, clients can expect an emphasis on core conditioning while being trained by the most elite instructors within classes and platforms found nowhere else.  The Renaissance style of Pilates Reformer & Mat will be unique training programs while highlighting Athletic Conditioning for men and women, a resistance wall band training system and more.

Clients can build core strength, increase strength & stamina, become more toned and flexible, and look and feel younger. Cutting-edge wellness services to be offered will include: Whole Body Cryotherapy, CryoSkin, Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Therapy to name a few. CryoSkin is a non-invasive toning and fat cellulite reducing treatment proven to help tone the face and body, with no side effects. The new location will also feature ground-breaking ambient lighting that simulates day, night, light, healing and energy appropriate to the body’s own Circadian rhythms.

“We cannot wait to unveil the latest and greatest in wellness to our community”, says Joelle Buccellato. “The time is now for my sister and me to join forces and empower from within.”

For information and pre-grand opening specials at the new Bell Works location, visit and follow the Renaissance team @renaissance_bellworks on Instagram. For information on the Red Bank location, visit A free community Pilates mat class will be held on Tuesday, October 22 at 5 p.m. on the terrace at Bell Works. To reserve for this class, email or call (732) 268-7730.

Function, Form & Movement Meets Design

Clients will enter a space that is visually and aesthetically pleasing with enhancements that are cutting-edge. The creative team responsible for designing the state-of-the-art wellness oasis include Designer Erica Tartufo of Erica Tartufo Designs; Builder Paul Breslin of Breslin Home Improvement; and Lighting Designer Paul Hughes of Black Point Technology. 


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Danielle Buccellato in Bridge Pose (Photo Credit to Cate Scaglione of Life As Fine Art)
The Dynamic Duo of Renaissance Pilates + Wellness – Danielle & Joelle (Photo Credit to Cate Scaglione of Life As Fine Art)
Renaissance Class With Balls (Photo Credit Mark DeYoung of Mores Media Production)
Sister Act – Fitness & Wellness Innovators Danielle & Joelle Strike A Pose At Thriving Metroburb BellWorks in Holmdel (Photo Credit Mark DeYoung of Mores Media Production)