Rainy Day Coctail Recipes

It’s Friday afternoon, Happy Hour is calling and damn it, it’s raining outside! Fear not, here are two delicious drinks to try and warm your spirits!

 Purple Rain 


1.5m Gin

6m Cranberry Juice

½ teaspoon Blue Curacao

½ teaspoon sweet & sour mix

Dash Soda Water.


1)      Pour the gin into an ice filled glass and top up with the cranberry juice.

2)      Then add in the other ingredients and stir.

3)      Add another teaspoon if the drink is not purple enough…


Rainy Day Marley


1.5m Vodka

1.5m Triple Sec

1.5m Malibu Coconut Rum

Top with Orange Juice


1)      Build in an ice-filled highball, stirring as you do.

2)      Top up with the Orange Juice and garnish with an orange wedge.

This cocktail is a little bit of a twist on a classic screwdriver, combining the triple sec for a sweet citrus kick (reinforced by the Orange Juice) and a good measure and a half of Malibu for a tropical hit. The coconut works well with the orange juice, and supplies the big exotic hit that makes this drink work so well…

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