Queenagers Are Also Dreamers!

We are setting another table in 2 weeks at JIVES Cafe in Howell, NJ.

There are many women in our age group whose life goals are shifting. We have more time or we have reached a point when we are ready to add to a life we have already created. And, what we want is something for ourselves. Goals or dreams we put aside, and are now thinking about pursuing.

Our topic will center around the dreams we had, or may still have for ourselves.

*What stopped us from pursuing our dream? Was it a life event or illness? Did we allow others to talk us out of them? Was is fear of failure or what people would say?
*What dream would you like to pursue?
*Have you already started to pursue your dream and what are you learning?

We have all been there. We have all started then stopped. We’ve all on one level or another started again and now we want to talk other women to hear about their

Looking for 50+ Queenagers and Dreamagers to come to the table. There are 3 seats and filming starts at 6:30 pm on 2/29. There will be coffee and delicious desserts from JIVES menu to share.

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