Peace Of Mind As We Age

By Carol Wilson ~

Peace of mind can mean many different things to many different people.  Peace of mind can also mean different things at different stages of an individual’s life.

How does peace of mind feel as we age or at any age?

The answers depend on two things: (1) our life experiences, and (2) more importantly, on how we process those experiences.

To us, peace of mind means being the best that we can be at any time in our lives – individually and together.  Feeling good about ourselves.  Living a long and healthy life surrounded by those we love and doing what we can to help others do the same.

Healthy minds.  Healthy bodies.  Healthy Spirits.  A healthy balance in our lives.

Good nutrition.  Good exercise.  Good deeds.  Good feelings toward ourselves and others.  Holding one another and others in high esteem. 

Living our individual journey and journeys as a couple as best we can.  

Helping others do the same.

Being on our separate journey individually and together as a couple and not someone else’s journey.

Focusing on the positive.  Thinking positive.  Being positive.  Seeing the big picture of who we are, what and where we are and what we are here for.

Being mindful.  Being aware.  Being always and forever filled with gratitude and love.  Sharing, serving, being kind and considerate.  

These we feel are the recipes for peace of mind – the gift that keeps on giving. 

We are truly blessed.Carol Bill Wilson

Carol & Bill Wilson

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