Peace Is In The Middle

By Tracey Hall ~

Today we mark a somber anniversary where so many of our innocent countrymen were taken away in an attack on our homeland. That day is embroidered on our souls and of course, we will never forget. I remember how unified we became instantaneously and wonder if this country can unite again without a tragedy to spur it on.

We are in the midst of a political battle that is really nothing new over the course of this country’s history. Many have been fought before. What is new is the tool of social media and how quickly something can go “viral.”  Each side shares their views convinced it will make the other side come around to their thinking.

Have we not learned anything from the battles before this one? The most important lesson is you will NEVER change someone else’s beliefs! NEVER!!

The left will think left, the right will think right no matter what incendiary post you share. This leads to the age old question, “Can’t we agree to disagree?”

A simple notion that, no, we don’t all have the same beliefs, but where is the middle ground when we both can concede that yes, maybe something can be done here. I believe Peace is in the middle.

Here is another crazy idea- what if we just stopped posting our beliefs on social media? Can you imagine if everyone did this? WOW! There might actually be calm for a change. I am in no way asking anyone to change what they believe in, God knows it wouldn’t work anyway. I am asking that we pause before sharing something negative about the other side. What good are you really doing?

As we reflect on this solemn day, inner reflection is needed by us all. Are we ready to unite again and accept that with all our differences, we, as human beings really want the same things. Finding our way means looking for the peace that lays in the middle.

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