Parting The Emotional Curtain To See A Path Beyond

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenine Marie Powell about her business of being a certified divorce coach. Having been involved in divorce twice in my life, once as the child of parents divorcing and the other as the wife in a marriage dissolution, I was curious to hear what kind of impact Jenine can make during such an emotional lifetime situation.

She brings personal experience to the job having been through a difficult divorce herself. Looking back at her own story, she realized there has to be an easier way to get through this.

Jenine says because of her own healing journey and personal growth, she is in a unique position to help others.

Clients include both men and women and she’s seeing an increase in clients going through “grey divorce,” when very long-term marriages dissolve. Offering “help and hope,” Jenine counsels people whose lives have been turned upside down by divorce.

It’s in those moments of turmoil that a coach can rein you in and help you focus on the essential needs at hand. Simple things like remembering self-care to larger tasks like organizing finances and child care responsibilities. And, she can also hold her clients accountable to do the things that were discussed as life-improving habits.

I asked what was the key to successfully navigating these tricky waters, and she said “listening and asking the right questions.” When a client can finally shift their perspective and get to that “A-Ha” moment, Jenine knows they’ll be able to get through it. In my opinion, it takes an empath to get to the heart of the matter and she agrees. Intuition, empathy and genuine caring are what make all the difference.

Divorce is a life-altering event that can take years to finalize. A divorce coach could be the answer to a quicker and smarter way to put things in proper perspective and to help those involved focus on the future.

Jenine Marie Powell can be reached at (848) 218-2113 or



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