Our Circle Of Grief – We’re Talking Triggers

So many of us are carrying the burden of unhealed grief. Our 2nd gathering is scheduled for Thursday, September 28th at 6 pm in the ReStore at Coastal Habitat for Humanity in Asbury Park to talk about triggers and learn new ways to heal.

Join author and StarLight Books publisher Lucie Dickenson for a frank discussion on triggers, anxiety, grief and healing. Lucie has written four books and has helped other aspiring authors get their work published. She brings her years of coaching and speaking about anxiety to our circle.


Dr. Kris Sparacino will guide us with the healing vibrations of crystal sound bowls. Dr. Sparacino strives to find the root cause of an ailment and bring his patients back to balance. He brings his years of organic and intuitive treatments to our circle.


Our Circle Of Grief is your safe space to look at and honor the grief you have been carrying. By gathering together, we can lift each other up and find support within this circle.


** A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to the ReStore at Coastal Habitat for Humanity**

Click here to reserve your spot!

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