Organic products now account for more than $21 billion in sales and are up nearly 9 percent in dollars and 8 percent in units, according to data from Nielsen. Today, organic products no longer cater to a singular or specific audience. The products have hit the mainstream and are being purchased more by all generational and age cohorts. However, some segments of the population are purchasing them more than others. Millennials are spending 14 percent more on organic products this year compared to last, and Hispanic consumers lead other ethnic groups, spending over 13 percent more on organic products compared to a year ago.

Non-food item organic product sales have also been seeing double-digit growth in categories such as beauty care, baby care, and even alcohol. This year, dairy products have experienced a huge benefit from organic sales—with cows’ milk and chicken eggs alone representing more than $2 billion in sales. Compared to a year ago, there are 7 percent more items on shelves for organic cows’ milk, which has an average unit price 84 percent above that of the total cows’ milk category.