One Keto Bowl. Hold the Thinking.

By Krista Sperber ~

We all know that in order to succeed, we must give our customers what they need and want lest we become the next Blockbuster. But this move from Chipotle is just so much better than that.

Just in time for your New Year’s resolutions, Chipotle announced their new Lifestyle Bowls. These are “new” menu items based on recent diet trends: Keto, Whole30®, Paleo, and High Protein. This is simple brilliance.

It’s the new year. People have their resolve up (we all know what the gym looks like in January). People are serious about their diet. They’re meal prepping. They’re taking their lunch to the office. In an effort to stay on course, they may avoid dining out. And should they want to order lunch, they probably won’t think of fast food. Until now.

This is an amazingly cost-effective initiative. Aside from printing costs and advertising, there is NOTHING else to do to roll this out. These “new” menu items use the exact same ingredients choices already in their line up. There is literally nothing new. In fact, someone on the Keto or Whole30 diet could have gone into any Chipotle and custom built their own Keto or Whole30 friendly bowl. And people did.

But beyond just giving the customer what it needs and wants, and here’s the brilliant part, Chipotle removed the THINKING. No longer does a diner have to look at each choice behind the glass, and ask themselves: “Is this ok?” There is no brain work involved. Not one calorie spent trying to figure out a compliant meal. The work has been done for them.

And any time you can save your customer brain calories, you’re going to win.

Chipotle anyone?

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