No Fail Foil Grilling For Father’s Day

Does Dad get “stuck” grilling on “his” special day? Plan ahead and make it easy for Pop! Great for using the fresh trout you have just caught or purchased from your local seafood shop!


1 fresh trout per person (catfish filet, cod, flounder, etc.)

1 medium onion per person

1 potato

1 fresh corn on the cob per person



garlic powder

butter or margarine

Louisiana hot sauce

lemon-sliced thin

green onions-chopped fine

Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce

black pepper -(salt if you must although we don’t use salt at all)

ranch dressing(optional)


Onion– cut off both ends and peel. With a sharp paring knife or melon baller, cut a hole in top of each onion about the size of a quarter and 1/4-1/2″ deep. Into the hole add: pat of butter or margarine, few drops of Worcestershire or soy sauce & dusting of garlic powder, basil, oregano & parsley& black pepper. Set in center of a square of foil and bring up sides, twist top to resemble onion. Chop fine the removed pieces-set aside.

Corn– husk corn, lay onto foil, rub with butter or margarine. Dust with seasoning wrap.

Potato– split lengthwise in half, add bit of butter or margarine, dust with spices & herbs listed and throw in a little of the reserved onion pieces, bits of green onion, a few drops of hot sauce (or drizzle a little ranch dressing) clamp shut and wrap in foil.

Trout– clean and scale trout-wash in cold water-remove head if you prefer, pat dry.

Lay each fish onto sheet of foil. Lay several pieces of fresh lemon, basil, bits of parsley and green onion and black pepper-close up fish and wrap.

**If using charcoal-pile coals high in center of grill and light-when all appear ashy, spread evenly. Place all but fish onto grill-when potato is soft (insert knife blade), place fish packets on grill. You can move all other packets to top rack or very edges of grill till fish is done-about 5 min.

And……it’s a wrap!!

This is great for a Father’s Day Cookout. It is great to have all packets done ahead of time with no extensive prepping while guests are mingling, you will have time to enjoy the time as well!

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