NJ Rep Presents “Bone On Bone”

Written by Marylou DiPietro, directed by M. Graham Smith
Starring John Little and Wendy Peace
Now thru – February 9, 2020
“Bone on Bone” references the arthritic loss of cartilage in its title, a process that happens during aging when that which provided comfort erodes and makes room for pain to enter the body. It is a play that wonders about the process of that pain interjecting itself where comfort once seemed so certain …
Little and Peace show compellingly how that pain can be generative of new discoveries and new selves.” – Patrick Maley, Star-Ledger
“The emotional impact of the excellent writing and performances was powerful.”- Madeline Schulman, The Link News
“It is a smart, finely crafted play…Moving, honest, and at times comical.” – Marina Kennedy, Broadway World
“This view of a ‘year in the life’ and its unsettled resolution make this a play that is worth seeing, especially by couples.” – Allen Neuner, Out in Jersey
Call 732-229-3166 or visit njrep.org for tickets.
Photos: Andrea Phox