New Fantasy Book, ‘Fates Chosen’ Explores A Reluctant Hero, Found Family, And A Sense Of Purpose

Author L.M. Rhys Releases Debut Novel On Sale Now Through Amazon!–

The perfect escape into another world, the new fantasy book Fates Chosen has already received rave reviews from book readers, calling it “a special little gem.”
Now available for purchase on Amazon, Author L.M. Rhys describes her debut book, “Fates Chosen is about searching for something bigger, something more. It’s about adventure. It’s about love. It’s about being afraid of the bigger picture, but not letting that stop you from living your life.

Oh, and it’s a slow burn that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” Fates Chosen follows its strong female lead, Evie Monroe, as she finds herself knee-deep in tequila and other questionable coping mechanisms years after tragedy befalls her life. But when the handsome Captain of the Stalwartian Guard arrives on her doorstep, she learns that faerie tales are real—as well as the monsters that come with them.
Now she must fight to save a world she never knew existed. And if she fails, she will doom them all. As a huge advocate for mental health awareness, L.M. Rhys, used the journey of writing this story as a way to take care of her own mental health. “Talk about next-level journaling.

For me, writing this story was a big way for me to deal with the ups and downs of depression and anxiety. I found solace in the characters that I created. Each one of them is a little piece of me.”
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L.M. Rhys

L.M. Rhys can almost always be found with her nose in a book. Her favorite thing is getting lost in the many worlds of fantasy while snuggled up with her cat, Thor.
Sometimes, dealing with life is a lot easier on paper in a fantasy world. From a young age. L.M. found herself in love with writing. From writing short stories at the age of nine, she then began dabbling in the art of songwriting. Her love of expression quickly grew into something that needed more, leading her back to a life of writing longer stories.
L.M. is known to the outside world as a Manager of Digital Communications.
She received her BS in Music Business from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. It was in the muggy center of Florida where she fell in love with digital marketing.
In her spare time she enjoys blasting Six: The Musical on repeat, playing the ukulele and posting on her Instagram story. She also loves a glass of rosé or a tequila soda with lime.
For those interested: She’s a Scorpio.


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