My Thoughts Are With Mary On Christmas Eve

Today, I am thinking of Mary. Traveling while heavy in pregnancy and riding on a mule, her discomfort must have been unbearable. Entering a town unfamiliar to her and just needing to rest before birthing her precious child, she was so brave!

Joseph walked beside her and I wonder what he was thinking. The worry he carried and love for her and her unborn child led them forward. Imagine knowing this birth was imminent and yet, you had nowhere to stay and offer sweet rest.

Together, after being turned away, they found themselves in of all places, a stable- suitable for animals, not for delivering babies. But that’s exactly what they did. Hidden from the world, Mary delivered her son and kept him warm and swaddled surrounded by hay.

Little did she know the life that He would lead and the bravery She would need to witness this life. As she looked over this tiny infant, in that place of filth, her heart was filled with love. Mary is the hero in this tale. Her bravery and love for her son and then for all mankind was born in that stable and has been carried over the world for centuries to come.

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