Malas, Tenacity and the Power of Visualization

By Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW ~

Back in early November, I was speaking at the Babes in Business conference to jam about living your passion, finding work/life balance, and the hustle of being a babe in business.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this mala necklace that I knew had to be mine. If you know anything about me–malas are my jam. I could be wearing jeans and a tshirt with my mala or a LBD and still a mala. I first discovered malas a number of years ago when I was traveling through Bali (but that’s another story for another day).

I spotted the mala–beautiful, with African turquoise and crystal quartz, and a black tassel. Things got busy that night, I was talking and sharing about the book. By the end of the night, the creator had packed everything up and my mala was gone. I ran over and asked her about it and she said that it was picked up by a local shop owner who would be selling it in her store.

While crushed, I knew that the necklace could eventually become mine. I mentioned it to my husband–dropping hints about it as a birthday gift or potential christmas present. As Christmas neared, I was out shopping and stopped by the store where the necklace “lived.” It was no longer there and the shop keeper said that the designer had picked it up a few days earlier and took it to a holiday show.

I walked out of the store and sent a DM to the designer to see if the mala could be mine. Four days later, the necklace arrived at my front door, hand delivered by the designer and founder of Be Free Creations.

So why this long story about a necklace? Here’s what I learned:

  1. “If You Want It, Go Get It.” This was a mantra I had heard years ago at a spin class (yes, my only spin class ever). If you want something–go after it. Whatever it takes. Jump through hoops, take the long way, be tenacious. Just go for it. Don’t let circumstances or inconveniences hold you back. Go the extra mile.
  2. Visualize. Get clear about what you want and start picturing yourself attracting it to you, drawing it in. In my morning message this week, I talked about the concept of what we focus on grows. For better or worse–we attract into our life what we focus on. It’s visualization, it’s manifestation, it’s the law of attraction.
  3. Don’t Wait for Someone Else To Give You What You Want. As silly as it sounds, I sat back and figured my hubby would just get me the mala. But that’s a parallel to life, if you want something don’t sit back and wait for someone else to give it to you. This is different than delegating of course but if you are sitting back, waiting for someone else to give you the promotion, see your value, or bring the life you want to you, you’re going to be waiting a while–we make our own destiny.
  4. What is Meant to be is Meant to be. Such a cliche saying but there’s alot of truth in acting in faith. Moving forward, visualizing and manifesting what you want. Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. Of course that doesn’t mean inaction. As they say, “pray and move your feet,” but what I’m talking about is deeper. We can get so wrapped up in worrying about not knowing HOW something is going to happen, that we don’t take action. We don’t simply step forward in faith, trusting that what is meant to be will eventually BE.

I find that the more personal development work that I do on myself, I’m able to see how the experiences that I have in my life are simply parallels to what is going on in my head. I see the lessons, I learn more, and I have more compassion for myself as a leader and entrepreneur.

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P.S. Crushing on my mala? It’s a beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpiece from the fabulous Ashley at Be Free Creations

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