Magnificently Made: Meet Some Of The Contributors!

Thirty-three women came together to share their stories in a recently published anthology
entitled Magnificently Made. Among the pages, you’ll read about illness, sacrifice, family
dynamics. You’ll also read about addiction, body dysmorphia, racism, sexual abuse. You’ll read about dreams being built, joy being found, and women standing up for what they believe.

You’ll hear stories of lives lost too soon and childhoods tainted by trauma. But at the core of all these varied and often heart-wrenching stories, you’ll feel the thread of human connection and you’ll rise up with each of the contributors as they share lessons learned,
triumphant outcomes, and hard-earned wisdom. These are real women putting themselves out there in a raw and authentic way wrapped up in a beautiful 414 page full-color, hardcover coffee table book.

This is not the book of toxic positivity. The contributors do not shy away from the realities they have lived. There is no sugar coating, and yet, through it all the book provides readers a reminder of the depth and power of the human spirit.

Jenn Tuma-Young, the Editorial and Creative Director on the book says, “My intention was to publish a book to remind people that no matter what, they are magnificently made, born for a purpose, and capable of more than they know. But I was truly amazed at how that message came through with each chapter. It was nothing short of divine. We aren’t meant to go this journey alone, and if anyone is feeling lost or down, I’m certain this book will lift them back up.”

To order the book and read about all the chapters, visit You can also join some of the contributors and publishers for a signing at Barnes and Noble in Eatontown, January 20th 1:00- 3:00pm

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