Lovers Tea At Twin Lights

The Twin Lights has a way of attracting lovers, and the Twin Lights Historical Society hears
stories frequently that prove it’s so. This includes hearing from couples and families near and far some of whom had their first date here, others got engaged here, others had their weddings here.

To celebrate all, the Historical Society is hosting a “Lover’s Tea” Saturday, February 24, from 4:15pm until 6:45pm. Admission is free.

“This is our first attempt at such an event, but we have already received interest from couples who attended our fall full moon night climbs last year,” said Bev Kugele, Vice President of the Twin Lights Historical Society.

“Specifics have not yet been finalized, but the accent is on each couple have a memorable
time,” the vice-chairman said. “We also welcome those who may have lost their loved one, but who would like to celebrate their memories here by attending,” she added. The day and time for the Lovers Tea was designed to align with the February full moon, which rises over the Atlantic in front of the Twin Lights night.

The event is planned to be High Tea, complete with teacakes and other assorted treats and
beverages, including tea. The event committee would benefit from hearing from interested
parties, in order to complete plans for the event.

Tea service begins at 4:15 p.m. Feb. 24, with sunset at approximately 5:30p.m., moon rise, about 6:00 pm and the closing of the ceremony at 6:45 p.m.

For more information on events, as well as membership information, visit or follow the Twin Lights Historical Society on Facebook. The Twin Lights State Historic Site is owned and operated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks, Forestry & Historic Sites (“NJ Parks”). Nick Wood, RIS-History, the full time NJ Parks Curator at the site, offers private tours by appointment for a small fee (so worth it!).

See below for more details or contact Nick directly at

For the most up to date information on hours, call (732) 872-1814 or go to

The Twin Lights Historical Society is the officially recognized friends group for NJ Parks at the Twin Lights. The role and purpose of the society at the site is to support and assist NJ Parks in its operations and exhibit development through financial support as well as volunteer services at the site. The Society invests all donations, memberships and proceeds from the Twin Lights Museum Store to improve visitor experience and online public relations, including new exhibits, paid internships for local high school and college students, as well as special projects.

For more information about the Twin Lights and its illustrious history, go to or call (732) 872-1814

Visitor Information is available by mail to the Lighthouse at 2 Lighthouse Road, Highlands, NJ 07732 or by calling (732) 872-1814

Grounds are open every day from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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