Love Is The Bridge Between You And Everything

by Lucie Dickenson
Yesterday morning I went to get gas, and the attendant came over to my window and said “Hi, how are you today?”

I replied “Great! The sun is shining, and so happy to be out and about!”

He stopped, looked at me with a big smile, then said “Thank you.” He then continued, “Thank you for answering my question.” At first, I really did not understand what he meant, but he went on…”Every day I go to windows and the first thing I say is how are you? and no one answers, they just tell me fill it up or give me $20… it was nice to get an answer and have a conversation… thank you.”


This wonderful man definitely made me stop and think. How many times are we so rushed to get what we want, and put that ahead of basic human interaction? I know I am guilty of this offense, probably often. We are a hurried society, and have the need to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It is not that we are malicious or selfish, it is that we believe that point B is the important destination, when in reality, the space between is where the good stuff happens.

The truth is that love is what connects us all, no exceptions… it is the essence of our very existence. When we stand in the “me” and forget about the “we” our true selves cannot shine. The bridge of love unites us and allows us to remember why we are really here. Sometimes we need all need little reminder of why we really are here. My reminder was the wonderful man at the gas station, I thank him.

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