Little Silver Performing Arts Studio Goes Completely Digital During Quarantine

When COVID-19 closed the doors of Little Silver, NJ’s The Prep studio, it opened the doors to going completely digital. With over 300 students, the professional training track studio is used to seeing many students, in-person, daily for private instruction, acting audition techniques, Broadway audition prep, animation voice-overs, commercial acting and more.
Now, students are encouraged to keep their training going by signing up for FaceTime, Skype and ZOOM group classes with the Prep’s instructors while at home.
Co-founder of The Prep, Theresa Pittius says, “I highly recommend performers take this time to build repertoire, learn new music, read plays and research new works. This is the perfect time for performers to build up repertoires so that, when the industry is back in action, you have the most competitive material to head into auditions with.”
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