Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey


The Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey is an annual event that takes place the third weekend of October each year.  The challenge is to visit 10 land-based lighthouses, 3 lifesaving stations, 1 museum, and 2 virtual sites over the two day weekend.  The challenge route covers the Atlantic Coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May and the Delaware Bay Coast from Cape May to Paulsboro.  

Take the challenge and learn more about these historic treasurers of New Jersey.  While there is no fee to participate, a small registration fee enables you to collect a souvenir from each site.  Please join us for a fun family weekend and explore our website for more information.

Challenge Weekend October 17th & 18th

This weekend-long event has 10 land-based lighthouses open to the public for visitation and climbing. In addition to the 10 lighthouses, there are three life-saving stations, one museum and two virtual sites to visit as part of the challenge. A souvenir passport will be available for purchase at any of the points of interest.
As you visit each location, your passport will be stamped as proof of each visit.
This will be your souvenir to commemorate your participation in the event.
For additional information about the Lighthouse Challenge, please visit: