Just Stay

Editor’s Note- In the wake of the tragic and unexpected suicide of Stephen “tWitch” Boss this week, I am sharing these words from a friend and mental health professional asking  “Just Stay”
I’m taking a risk…
Im revealing a part of me that I often keep private.
But every single time I read about someone else choosing to leave this world…..Making the choice……I feel like I’ve failed in NOT saying anything.
So… I wrote this many years ago when our son lost his friend.
I hope it meets with acceptance and not criticism. But I just can’t stay silent anymore.
Talk to someone.
Talk to Him/Her/Them
Whatever they look like to you…
Just believe in something bigger than you.
Thanks for reading.
“Just Stay….”
It doesn’t matter the reason
The how’s or the why’s
Just wake up tomorrow
Just open your eyes
Are you waking for me?
Are you waking for you?
Are you waking because
It’s what you should do?
Just ….stay…
When you watch a great movie
On the edge of your seat
Would you leave in the middle?
The end incomplete
Your vision it changes
Your body does too
Your thoughts come in focus
Your spirit renews
Want to know how this happens?
How it starts to align?
Well… you don’t make it happen
It’s not your will or mine
It’s believing there’s more
That it isn’t just me
That someone is watching
He always believes….
The one that created
Would never destroy
So don’t give up that chance
To return to the joy
I know the thoughts that you carry
The loneliness too
I know cause I’ve been there
Yes… I see you
Just …stay…
But the best part of all this
As I stand here today
Is He sees you too
And asks you… Just Stay

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