Join Me For The First Gathering Of “Our Circle Of Grief”

If you had asked me earlier this year did I know that I would be creating a space to honor grief, I would’ve thought “that’s crazy!” January 2023 opened with a sense of something isn’t right in the journey I was on with my Mom and by Mays end, we lost her.

Unbeknownst to us, cancer had metastasized in her brain and our time with her was cut short. So many emotions, so much sorrow and that phrase we all say ” I thought we had more time.” During this ordeal, friends and family reached out and I realized I wasn’t the only one who was grieving. Too many of us are carrying the weight of grief and I wanted to find a way to release that weight or at least take it off for a while.

But how? Wanting to learn to help heal myself, it seemed only right to let others learn along with me and Our Circle Of Grief was born. I love the idea of a circle where we can all see one another and talk within its safe circumference. I asked two women to speak and both unequivocally said “Yes!”

Debbie Marini will touch on the mental health aspects grief imposes and Megan Callus will teach us tools of breathwork that we will always have when needed. The icing on the cake was when Paula Mako from In Bloom at Calgo Gardens offered her space amongst the flowers and trees (one tree is 300 years old!!) for us to hold our circle.

It was so clear that this was meant to be and the overwhelming response is how much something like this is needed. So if you, like so many of us, are grieving and suffering, please consider joining this nonjudgemental experience on August 10th. It’s the first of what I hope will be many times we can meet to discuss, honor and heal our hurt.

Thank you to everyone who reached out and I hope to see you in our circle! Click here to reserve your spot!

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