It’s that time of year again…..Traveling with the kids!

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When it comes to traveling with children there are always challenges. However, when it comes to traveling with a special needs child, that can be stressful.  Since I am a parent of a special needs child, I have done plenty of research. We love to travel and having a special needs child just means making some minor adjustments to make sure the child is fully prepared.  If you are flying, make sure it is a direct flight and there is no lay over. See when the best time of day for your child to fly. The best time would be when they are the most relaxed and able to handle a change in a routine.  Morning flights have less delays most of the times, but you know your child best. Choose your airline wisely. When choosing a flight check out where they tell you where the best seat on the plane is.  Delta charges $9 for emergency exit rows and bulkhead seats but this may be a worth a few extra bucks. There are some travel agencies that specialize in booking families with special needs children.  Here are some just to name a few:

  1. Hammer Travel
  2. Flying Wheels Travel
  3. New Directions
  4. Autism of The Seas

The Arc has a program called “Wings for Autism” they perform airport rehearsal specifically designed for individuals with autism spectrum and individuals with intellectual/development disabilities.  To learn more about this organization and see when the scheduled events are visit

Medical Preparation

  1. A letter from your doctor

Ask your doctor for a letter describing what I call “invisible condition” not all disabilities can be seen.  Such as autism or Tourette Syndrome. Additionally, a doctor’s letter is a great reinforcer when asking for special accommodations such as an upgrade or change of seats.

     2. Medication and Medical Records

This is important if your child gets ill and needs to be seen while you are away.  Know the closest hospital that can treat your child. Get a recommendation from your child’s doctor.

    3. Medical Equipment

If you are traveling with medical equipment such as a wheelchair or oxygen.  Visit the TSA’s web pages on medical devices and Assisted Devices and Mobility Aids.  These sometimes require pre-registration and possibly renting the equipment from one of their registered suppliers.

Now for the fun!! Bring the iPad, that’s a given with their favorite movies.  Headphones, favorite toy. Your child may have sensory issues, so it might not be a bad idea to pack their pillow, pillow case and sheets.  What ever you decide to do, have a wonderful vacation. These are memories your child will remember forever. Please share some pics with us!           





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