It’s a Choice: Positivity or Pollution

In the current state of the world, it is so very easy to fall into the trap of negativity. It is everywhere, from the moment you wake, to the moment you shut your eyes. And even when you try to fall asleep, the events of your day will replay in your head before you drift off for the night. And remember, your thoughts before bed play a huge role for what is in your mind as you rest and the content of your dreams.

When I was suffering with anxiety I took stock of what I let into my day:

negative people

negative news

negative thoughts

negative food

negative gossip

negative activities

The above list was an eye-opener as to why anxiety would flare up day after day. It is not to say these things were the cause of my anxiety, but they certainly contributed to the increase in symptoms. I had to let go of the negative and find what was positive. This is tough for a person with an anxiety condition because we tend to focus on what could go wrong and believe that holding onto the bad somehow makes it go away. Nothing could be further from the truth though, letting go of the negative made room for all that was good.

At first, it was difficult to find all the good, so I began with small steps. A gratitude list helped. I was literally changing the direction of my life by changing what I chose to focus on. Focusing upon the good let up on the constant flight or fight surging through my system, and my nervous system was able to calm down.

Let go of the negative news and programming. No need to repeatedly watch or listen to this all day long, once is enough if needed. What you fill your mind with is what your brain believes you love. Your connection to the universe is beautiful and will give you more of what focus on. Choose. It is a life changer, it definitely was for me.

It is impossible to hide from all the negative, but be aware of just how much you are letting in.

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