Is Social Media Coming Between You And Your Family Time?

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We all have had our share of what Facebook has been up to this week. Mark Zuckerberg was under fire and I don’t think we have heard the last of it. It seems as times goes on, we are more consumed with every social media platform there is. Even with the latest news regarding privacy, people have turned chosen to turn a cheek. If you own a business that is a plus, it’s FREE advertisement.
However, how do you manage this with your family time? I think we have all sat around and wasted a full day on social media. Has it gotten out of control? Are you able to unplug?
The impact of social media on families has been researched to see what negative and positive effects are happening. Psychologists are increasingly concerned that technology is breaking down family communication.
It can rob families of attention, communication, and a feeling of safety within the family unit. A book by Sherry Turkle, Alone Together, talks about a study conducted where parents and children were asked their opinion about technology.
The results were stunning. Many children reported that they felt their parents were addicted to their phone or computer. Children stated a desire for their parents to spend quality time and interact with them. This study shows the need for family social interaction and the lines are blurred on when is enough with social media use.
Alternatively, technology can be used to keep families connected. It can help members keep track of schedules, location, and a sense of security between members that parents and/or children can be reached immediately if needed.
Balance is the key to life. We spend so much time away from our families all ready, is there a way to unplug without disturbing the peace? Scheduling family time such as a movie night at home and now that the weather is cooperating taking walks with each other and hearing laughter may not be such a bad thing. After all, the memories we create as parents will last forever with our children. So……Will you unplug?

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