I Absolutely Do Not Approve This Message

I’m Tracey Hall and I absolutely do not approve this message! Wouldn’t you love to hear average citizens like me say that we don’t approve? The premise of Jersey Shore Scene has always been to share good, healthy and informative posts. You will not see a political endorsement on this site.

What we’ve been seeing is a country pulled apart. We are being judged solely on which party we vote for and there is no such thing as common ground anymore. In the end, don’t we all really want the same thing? Why is that so hard to see? Hate has clouded our vision and we look to social media to vent our frustrations as if that really matters. Who cares what you think? Who cares what I think? 

I once wrote that Peace is in the middle. The message I want to hear is “ I’m so and so and I will reach across the aisle and work with my colleagues to make your life the best it can be in this great country.” My goodness, if all of our “ELECTED” politicians thought about working together as a whole, think of the benefits this country would reap.

We, as citizens play a hand in this as well. How does it bring the country together when we share inflammatory messages online? I see posts from friends and family members that hurt my heart. I vote that we all take a minute before hitting “Share” and think if it’s really a positive message we’re sending. I vote that we expect our “ELECTED” politicians to work together for our greater good.

Now this is a message I can approve!