I Can’t Go With You

By Tracey Hall ~

I can’t go with you when you go down that dark path, no matter what it is. I can’t venture into that place that holds no value for my well-being. This is a conscious effort on my part to nurture myself and heal from within.

We all have healing to do. We all choose to realize that notion or ignore it and trudge through life holding on to our pain. I can’t go there with you and I hope someday, you won’t be able to go there either. This isn’t me preaching or pointing my finger. This is me saying only to myself to “stop” and wait for the moment to pass before reacting, before judging.

Do you ever think, what path am I on? Where is it leading? Who is traveling with you and are you being drawn into their path and not your own? So many questions and being it’s Sunday and a favorite day of reflection, I ask you to think about what you need to heal from within. We all need that beautiful white light of healing, the question is are you open to receiving it?

While visiting Mary’s Place by the Sea last week, I was struck by the simple words., “Ask, Believe, Receive”.  This beautiful refuge of healing sits quietly in a little shore town, and the path to healing is laid out for all who enter. I want to walk on the path of always trying to heal from within. I “Ask” that we all find our way. I “Believe” it’s within us to find our inner peace and let it guide us forward. I “Receive” the love and am grateful for this journey.

I wish the same for all of you.


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