Homelessness Awareness Sleep Out – December 8

Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless. We Sleep Out to show our solidarity with those who are homeless. The experience includes opportunities to learn from experts, hear inspiring stories, and advocate for a future where everyone has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.
Dress warm, bring your sleeping gear or some sort of shelter and join us. You can stay for an hour or stay all night. It’s up to you.
See if you could get people to sponsor you being out for a certain amount of time and donate to the causes of www.em-powermenj.org

Thursday, December 8
Homelessness Awareness Sleep Out
6 pm
Convention Hall
Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park
Info: 848-218-5797, dtyler1empowerme@gmail.com

#sharedbybizeturtle #noonechoosestobehomeless

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