Holiday Cookie Contest!

Last year we held an incredible Halloween Home Decorating contest and the entries we received were extraordinary! This year, we decided to test your culinary skills by creating a “Holiday Cookie Contest!”

So many families share the tradition of baking together and create delicious cookies that make wonderful snacks, desserts and gifts! We would LOVE for you and your family to share your favorite cookie with us in this contest.

The cookies will be judged in 5 separate categories and you can submit ONE cookie or up to 5 cookies, 1 per category:

Best Sugar Cookie

Best Chocolate Chip

Best Holiday Cookie

Best Hannukah Cookie

Best Christmas Cookie

When you decide on the category or categories to enter, you will need to bring three dozen cookies of that recipe to the contest. Two dozen will be for tasting and sharing. For that last dozen, we ask that you bring them in a sealed container so we can donate them to our local food pantry.

The judging will be held in the early afternoon on December 11th at Stockroom Modern General, 625 2nd Avenue in Bradley Beach. The owner, Simone Hazel will also be one of our judges! This contest is sponsored by our Jersey Shore Realtor, Stephanie Liskowitz of Keller Williams. Prizes will be awarded to the winners at the store.

To enter, please email me your name, contact information and what cookie categories you will be submitting. This is going to be so much fun! Look for much more information to come shortly!

Click here to reserve your place!




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