Healthy Pregnancy

By Hollie Fallon ~

Congratulations, you got two pink lines! You are about to embark on the
most exciting, fulfilling, and incredible journey of maybe your whole life!
Along with that though there may be some challenges. One of them
being maintaining a healthy weight during these 40 plus weeks.








Weight gain during pregnancy can be a touchy topic for some women. It
is important to keep in mind how amazing their bodies are and what
they are capable of, especially during pregnancy. While our bodies are
creating a new life, we may feel a free pass to eat whatever we want.
However, pregnancy should be a time to focus on good nutrition, as
what you are feeding your body is going straight to your growing baby. A
woman who starts pregnancy at a healthy, average weight for her
frame, can expect to gain between 25-35 pounds during a 40 week

A few ways to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy are as follows:
Eat a variety of foods to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you
need. This is more then ever the time to focus on a balanced, well
rounded diet. Whole, nutrient dense foods are key. Fill every meal with
fruits and veggies and you’ll already be on the right path!







For a healthy pregnancy, doctors recommend pregnant women exercise
on most days of the week. Women with uncomplicated pregnancies can
get at least 4 hours per week of moderate-intensity activity during
pregnancy. Regular workouts will help immensely to keep excessive
weight at bay.

Drink more water. When you are properly hydrated, hunger pangs take
a back seat and your body systems run more efficiently. Try to drink
water instead of soda and juices, which contain empty calories and can
cause your blood sugar to spike. Drinking at least half your weight in
ounces of water each day will help keep your digestion in check.
Staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight will help you feel
comfortable while pregnant, as well as be easier to shed in the months
following the birth of your baby and your birth recovery.

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