Hard Truths That Actually Make Life Better Once You Accept Them

  1. Stop trying to impress people. Most don’t give a rat’s patootie what you wear, how you think, what you do, or how you feel. Most don’t think about you at all.
  2. Everyone, including you, is going to die someday. Throw your energies into living and enjoying every day, instead of worrying about death and dying.
  3. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. You have what makes you happy. Be happy with what you have. Anywhere you go, there will always be those who have more because they can afford more. To increase your own financial security —-strive to live below your means.
  4. Don’t spin your wheels searching for love. You will rarely find it. When you are ready, love will find you. You’re better off finding a good friend and cultivating an even deeper friendship —who knows, that may be ‘the love that finds you’.
  5. To love someone and allow someone to love you, first love yourself for who you are. Don’t worry about shortcomings. No one is perfect. To feel worthy of love, forgive yourself and love who you already are.
  6. Be accepting when things aren’t going your way. There is a lesson in every setback. Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever. Even the bad times will eventually pass.
  7. Not everyone you meet will like you. Don’t waste time wondering why they don’t. The world is full of people who deserve your friendship and enjoy being with you because they do like you.
  8. Be Truthful and never lie. Less stress comes with telling the truth than trying to remember to whom you told what lie. When the truth catches up with a lie, it destroys trust.
  9. Learn to Forgive –yourself and others. There’s enough blame, shame, guilt and judgement to go around the world twice. Let it go! Forgiveness isn’t something we do for someone else. We do it for us so we can move forward and even heal.

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