Grief & The Holidays: Things To Remember

Grief comes in many forms. We are all dealing with losses, some of which are never even talked about. Whatever you are going through, I hope these few reminders can help because when we are grieving it is such an important time for the following:
– Self-care
– Spend time w/ someone important to you
– Get outside in nature whenever possible
– Say no to events that are just too draining
– Give yourself permission to feel all your feelings
-(Allow yourself to feel joy too)
– Don’t over-isolate
– Pay attention to food/alcohol/drug consumption
– Find a support group
– Ask for help from loved ones
– Talk about what is heaviest on your heart
– Don’t demand or expect too much of yourself
– Be gentle
– Say a Prayer or Call on the Angels
– Schedule a therapy session
– (Maybe even go to a rage room)
– Get a Reiki Session, massage, or a mani/pedicure
– Light a candle in remembrance of your loved one
– Create a new tradition
Below are other avenues of help available . . . .
Crisis Text Line is: 741741
Suicide Crisis Line is: 988
NAMI Helpline/ Nat’l Alliance of Mental Illness
= Text: 626640
= Call: (800) 950-6264
Teen Hope Line
(800) 394-HOPE
Faith Prayer Hotline
(866) 515-9406
Serving Rascals, Clumsy Disciples, Physically and Mentally Ill Folks

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