Grief Is Woven Into Our Cellular Fabric

There has been so much loss of late. I wanted to share this post that was written a while back after my father died. It still holds so much meaning today:

Grief is woven into the fabric of our being. At first, it’s all-encompassing and overpowers all other emotions. The ability to not feel sad is incomprehensible. Slowly and gradually, the veil of grief lifts, but it doesn’t dissipate into the universe. While shrouding us in our pain, grief, like a skilled seamstress, has sewn itself into our being, into our personal fabric.

We learn to wear our grief as another part of our cellular wardrobe. It’s less of the headbanging reminder of what we’ve lost but rather a soft shawl of warm memories that hold comfort within.

Our cellular shawl has been hemmed and darned our entire life. Love, joy, laughter, pride are knitted in unison with pain, hurt, shame and grief. We are the wardrobe of our experiences. You’ve heard the saying “ You wear your heart on your sleeve?” It’s true. 

We wear our emotions like a multi-colored coat. Some take a bigger patch, others feel lost in the seams, but they are all there. Grief will eventually blend into the weaves and you won’t feel it’s weight, but the warmth it generates when you remember the love. Love is never lost; love is the golden seamstress that crafts emotions into our cellular shawl. 

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