Great Jersey Shore Takeout- Round 2!

Content provided by The Fahey Restaurant Group ~
The coronavirus has taken such a toll on everyone but has deeply affected the restaurant industry and our employees. On March 16th, The Fahey Restaurant Group laid off 120 employees as did many restaurants across the state and country.
We came up with an idea to benefit our staff and to help put immediate cash back into their pockets. We shared the idea with a few other restaurant owners and they said they would be on board with the idea.  So that’s how we came up with the Great Jersey Shore Takeout!

Now, on May 17th, we invite you to join us for Round 2 of “The Great Jersey Shore Take-Out” as we continue to help raise $$$ for the incredible restaurant staffers who have been greatly affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first event, held on April 18th included 25+ restaurants and raised an estimated $100k in proceeds for restaurant employees. The response from our communities was truly overwhelming!

It’s in these difficult times that the people of the Jersey Shore always stick together and show our true strength. Please help to spread the word for this extremely important community event!