Got Flooding Or Erosion Pics?

Document your changing coast using the’s MyCoast app to help support our work with local officials so they make informed decisions to address coastal changes and climate issues in New Jersey!
Add your data (pics) – It’s as Easy as 1-2-3! Photos are automatically linked to associated weather data based on the location of your pics, such as tide levels, rainfall amount, temp and wind.
You can add pics to MyCoast from either your phone or computer.
JOIN our self-led #CommunityScience program and our campaign, whenever and wherever you are! This is one of the easiest ways to volunteer with us!
We Want To Share Your Story:
Share your pics to your IG story and tag us @surfriderjerseyshore @surfrider.southjersey + #MyCoastApp and we will share your story to our story. Let’s share how everyone living in NJ can make a difference with decisions made for our future with MyCoast: New Jersey!
Help Document Our Changing Coast!
@njcoastalmanagement New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Jacques Cousteau NERR

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