Giving the Gift of Kindness for 25 Years

For those unfamiliar with Holiday Express, this is a must read from the angel in charge and his band of musical magicians. They bring light and love where ever they go and if you haven’t seen them perform, make it a priority this year. You’ll be glad you did.

To the Holiday Express family,

I think that when the idea of doing 100 events in our 25th year was first brought up (okay, it was me), I hadn’t really considered the logistical and budgetary implications involved. Well, watching everyone really step up to make sure that it not only happened, but that all of our “clients” were treated with the same level of care and compassion as always, was an amazing thing to observe.

I really do not know how the warehouse was so organized, how the trucks were loaded and delivered everything to all the sites, how the band was booked, how all the volunteers manned every event. It was incredible and all I had to do was play the piano and take all of the credit. The credit obviously goes to all of you who are reading this, whether you sang, donated, went to the Basie, worked at the warehouse, or did anything to make what appeared to be the impossible actually happen. And, of course, our office staff and board kept everything moving forward with the passion necessary to get all of that done.

When it all began in 1993, I certainly didn’t envision any of this. It’s humbling to think that so many of you have found a reason to be a part of all that is Holiday Express. For me, I have discovered that the Holex experience is as much about healing ourselves as it is about doing good for others. And for all of that, I thank you. So, let’s do it again.

Tim McLoone

Click here to view the 25th Anniversary Holiday Express Yearbook:

Thank you for helping Holiday Express deliver the gift of human kindness.

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