Fresh Kitchen And Paul McCartney LOVE Meatfree Mondays!

Content provided by Mike Nitto, Fresh Kitchen ~

Did you know that Meat Free Monday is a campaign that aimed to encourage the nation to help slow climate change by reducing meat consumption? Launched by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney in June 2009, the campaign raised awareness of the environmental impact of meat-eating and encouraged people to meaningfully reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by having at least one meat-free day every week.

Paul has even written a song about it!

But where do you go for delicious meat-free meals? Fresh Kitchen of course!  We have a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from. Giving up meat doesn’t mean you are giving up flavor! One of our specialties is using the best locally sourced ingredients and spices to delight your taste buds!

When choosing a meat-free meal, we suggest you come in and eat your colors! Customize your salads, grain bowls, wraps and soups or choose your favorite from our menu! All of our salads are made with local, hydroponic organic spring greens. Your family will never notice they didn’t have meat for dinner!

This is what eating local is all about. Enjoy the friendly staff and convenience of local healthy food. Most importantly, the owner and chef value the impact of supporting local farms.

Fresh Kitchen is located at  2204 Highway 35 in Sea Girt and 2621 Bridge Avenue in Point Pleasant

(732) 769-8133

All Natural
Clean Eating
Built to Order
Soups, salads, wraps, stock bowls and more.

The way you should always eat.