Floating Away Your Stress And Anxiety

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Dr. Justin Feinstein is a researcher with the prestigious Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR)  in Tulsa, OK. LIBR has the only float lab and research center in the country. There, he and his team have been studying how float therapy can be used to help patients by disrupting the network in the brain that triggers anxiety, the salience network.

There are some medications created to help people deal with and get relief from this feeling.  Feinstein is no stranger to anxiety meds. In 2005 he was part of a team that tested the drug Ativan – an effective but addictive anti-anxiety drug. in his float lab, Dr. Feinstein gathered participants for his study and divided them into two groups–those who would float for 90-minute sessions and those who would relax in a chair for the same period of time.  He used MRI and water-proof EEG to study participants to evaluate them both pre and post-float.

The preliminary results are very promising. They found the highly connected areas of the brain had a huge drop in that connectivity post float. Ninety minutes in the tank affected the brain in the same way that pharmaceuticals do by turning down the hyped up salience network!

These results are very promising and it’s our goal at True Rest in Brick to offer our clients the very best in floatation therapy for all their needs. It can be used for stress relief, anxiety release, pain alleviation or simple quiet reflection and relaxation.

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