Floatation Therapy For Veterans

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November is the month of reminders. We are reminded to be thankful for what we have and share those beliefs around the dinner table on Thanksgiving. The beginning of the month reminds us to be thankful for our veterans. These strong men and women serve to protect our country at all costs. What can we do to repay them?

Many veterans are using the therapeutic method of floating to help them calm the effects of PTSD. When they get into the tank they understand it’s a calm environment where nothing can hurt them. According to Air Force veteran Trey Hearn, “They feel calm in the tank. They feel like it’s secure, and they’re safe, and they can approach the traumatic events in more of an internal counseling session with themselves.”

TrueREST has taken this therapeutic modality and woven it into an experience which is truly spa like that’s approachable and affordable by making it a membership service.
Our 2500 sq. ft. True REST Float Spa in Brick includes 5 pods, featuring ADA compliant suites. These suites have ample room for wheelchair access and ADA compliant showers.

Still not intrigued? Read this testimonial from one of our clients from a sister True REST Float Spa: “Ten years of chronic, constant pain and in one hour I finally got relief! Each time I’ve come back my pain levels are lower than the time previous and the relief lasts longer after each float. Every time I come out of the REST Pod my pain levels return to zero or near zero! WOW! Thank you True REST.”

If you know a veteran that could benefit from floatation therapy, please contact True Rest Spa in Brick and ask how you can gift a session to that vet.

We are located in the Town Hall Shoppes of Brick at 990 Cedar Bridge Ave., Suite 13B, Brick, N.J.        732-477-1515

We hope to host you soon.    https://www.truerest.com/locations/brick/     



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