Floatation Therapy As Therapeutic And Preventative Health Care

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Floatation therapy is a preventative and therapeutic health care practice that consists of floating on your back in a highly concentrated magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) solution. During the session, which lasts about an hour, incoming stimuli including light, sound, and the sensation of gravity are reduced.

Because of the high specific gravity of the Epsom salt solution, when you lie back you float effortlessly. Your eyes, mouth, and nose always remain above the surface of the water even if you happen to fall deeply asleep.

 There has been a growing interest in preventative health practices, especially those that help manage and reduce stress. We’ve learned that flotation therapy has been scientifically proven to be a qualified method for reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and increases optimism and sleep quality. Significant pain reduction has also been reported after using flotation techniques.

Still not intrigued? Read this testimonial from one of our clients from a sister True REST Float Spa: “Ten years of chronic, constant pain and in one hour I finally got relief! Each time I’ve come back my pain levels are lower than the time previous and the relief lasts longer after each float. Every time I come out of the REST Pod my pain levels return to zero or near zero! WOW! Thank you True REST.”


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