Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Tips To Make Time For Self Care

(BPT) – Ever feel like the days just get away from you, and you don’t have time to do the things you need to do, much less want to do? Often wish you could just spend your evenings or weekends on your personal goals, practicing self-care or just relaxing? There are many ways you can take control of your time and take better care of yourself. Sometimes it’s a question of prioritizing what you want to do – and outsourcing the rest.

Simplify meal prep and cooking. Unless cooking is enjoyable and relaxing for you, chances are you get home from work stressed and hungry – and tired of takeout. Fortunately, there are dozens of options for letting yourself off the hook when it comes to cooking from scratch without sacrificing good, healthy meals. Today many plans exist for ordering pre-packaged ingredients and recipes in a manageable form for you to prepare at home, with minimum fuss. Not only are they delicious, but you can find services that cater to particular health plans or your specific dietary needs.

Get help with pet care. Unless you have kids old enough to take care of Fido, or you enjoy taking him for his walks, it’s easy to find pet care services, or even a reliable neighborhood teenager, to help walk the dog or check on the cat, particularly if you work long hours or travel for work. Doggy day care services, boarding and grooming experts also help lift some of the burden of caring for your furry friends.

Outsource house cleaning. While we all wish we had beautifully organized, clean homes, it’s almost impossible to do everything we’d like to keep our houses in great shape. A company like Merry Maids offers a variety of cleaning services that allow you to choose which tasks or rooms you most need help with. Home cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time, so you can pick the service that best suits your lifestyle. On every visit, the team from your local Merry Maids franchise dusts, vacuums, washes and sanitizes each room. Imagine the hours of reclaimed time and peace of mind you’ll have, knowing you’re coming home to a beautifully clean home every night.

Prioritize health and exercise. You try your best to exercise, so why not give yourself the most help you can to meet your wellness goals, and a reward when you achieve them? Hiring a personal trainer or signing up for a class that will inspire you to keep up your fitness level is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends in your future, and make you feel great right now. Whether it’s Zumba, spin class, yoga or Pilates, any activity that helps you build strength, flexibility and fitness is worth the cost. Then be sure to treat yourself with an occasional massage, sauna or spa visit – whatever helps you relax and feel good.

Take a time-out. When you are able, plan your next vacation for a location that will be fun and relaxing. If a long vacation is not in the cards, plan a mini-break, even just for a weekend, to get away from the daily routine and let you focus on yourself, your significant other or your family. Something as simple as spending a night in a local hotel – with as many amenities as you can enjoy – will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. You’ve earned it.

The next time you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, choose to outsource those tasks that can take over your life, and give yourself the best gift – the gift of time.

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