Feeling Anxious Over Your Finances?

By Lynette Barbieri ~
We all have those nights where we toss and turn and we just can’t seem to shut off our brains long enough to relax and fall asleep. Just when we are finally asleep, you wake up with your heart racing, breathing heavily and your brain is filled with worry over making money, paying your bills etc. Oh believe me I absolutely know that feeling. Here is what I have learned after a lot of meditation and therapy, worry will never change your situation, EVER. I am sure you have heard that saying like 90% of what we worry about wont actually happen? Staying up all night does not make money suddenly appear or your bills disappear. But, lack of sleep and financial anxiety will certainly have a negative effect on your health and your relationships.
Instead of using the word fear or anxiety when you think about money, change it to respect. Yes, respect your money. While being anxious about money and your future is a passive way to deal with your finances, respecting money and treating it with care can help you control your finances and plan for your future.
Here are 7 Ways to help you cope with financial anxiety:
1. Analyze and re-work your budget.
2. Stop feeling embarrassed about your financial situation and start working on it instead.
3. Stop comparing yourself to ‘the Jones’.
4. Acknowledge your fear and embrace it and talk to someone who can help you.
5. Talk to a financial professional to look at it from a professional unbiased prospective.
6. Put a financial plan in place as soon as possible.
7. Financial education is the key to overcoming your financial anxiety and fear so start looking for a financial workshop near you and start reading asap.

Learning about how money and financial concepts and strategies is a choice. By taking control of your money and educating yourself, your finances will not be such a stressful topic. When it becomes something you understand, it will be easier for you to take control. There are many books you can read by financial experts such as Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, podcasts and cd’s, and my personal favorite local financial educational workshops. It is a great place to learn because you are in an interactive environment so you can ask questions and interact with the workshop leader and the other attendees. Learning about money will make you feel more confident and help you to take control and make better financial decisions. It may even keep you from waking up at night. It is time to begin to feel better about your financial future today!
For any questions or you need help getting started reach out to me anytime!


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