Featured Author Of The Month- Dylan Finn

Overcoming life changing injuries is a formidable task. Realizing the path to healing is long and ardous, I am so amazed by this author who not only recognized the difficulties that lay before him, but was able to conquer them and share that journey in his first book. Please meet Dylan Finn:

Question 1- When and how did you start writing?
I started writing June of 2022. I started because I had a mentor tell me my story was too powerful to go unnoticed. While I thought to myself, I’m only 22 years old, who am I to write a book? I looked up to this man as a mentor, so I trusted him. I thought, why not get my ideas on paper and see how it goes. And truthfully, it felt amazing. This story was such a big a life changing incident, it felt so good to get it written down.

Question 2- What do you like to write about most?
I like to write about experiences I have been through that led to lessons I learned, this way I can try and help others going through similar experiences.

Question 3-What do you find to be the easiest and hardest thing about writing?
I find the hardest thing to write about is science or history. I was always a decent writer in school, but when it came to subjects that didn’t interest me it was hard for me to get it on paper. I find the easiest thing to write about is stuff that I have been through. No one knows how to write better about what I’ve been through then I do, because I’m the one who experienced it. So I can be honest about everything from the story to the emotions attached to it.

Question 4- What writers do you most admire and why?
I admire Ed Mylett, Jay Shetty, and Tony Robbins. These three authors taught me a lot of lessons that I was able to able to my life. Their writing was more than just a book, it was lessons to create a lifestyle.

Question 5- How do you get your ideas for stories and what’s in the future for you in writing?
I don’t necessarily write stories, I wrote a memoir about an incident that occurred in my life. What’s in the future is a great question, because I really enjoyed this experience and the people I have met along the way. So, I would love to write again in the future, but at the time there is nothing planned.

Closing – Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had purely because you are a writer?
My memoir is about an incident that changed my life tremendously. My near-death experience led to a lot of nights of depression, scary thoughts, feeling like a mistake for surviving, and really just hard times. With that being said, it also led to tremendous growth and lessons learned. So, for me to get the experience of sitting down to get this all on paper was truly an amazing experience. It was necessary for me to feel that and for me to get the opportunity to help people that may be struggling in life as well. So a memorable experience for me while writing this was truly all of it. The feelings of sadness when talking about the hard times I went through. The feelings of pride when writing about overcoming it. And the feeling of knowing I know get the opportunity to share what I went through to help someone else, it was all an amazing experience. From start to finish.

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